Day One Tuesday 19 April 2016

Today I start the 1200 calorie diet.  Yesterday I ate a little more than 2000 calories, so I am looking forward to getting started and shedding these nasty pounds.

I will be using to log my daily calories, then copy-pasting here.  I will be totally accountable with diet, exercise, water and I will log the exact amount so you can also have somewhat of a rough guide to follow.  If I eat more/less and at what time, then I will be honest and precise about it.  I will be accountable.

This is the meal plan I will be following, which I have copied from

and the link to the recipe for the date/oatmeal/walnut balls (above):

So, these are around 80 calories per ball.  The exact calories will differ each time because you may need to add more dates (for example) to get the mixture more ‘wet’ so that the balls combine well and don’t fall apart. 

So I put around 24 dates (just the normal kind), 1/3 cup of walnuts and 1/3 cup of quick oats (oats that have been ground up a little so that they cook a little faster) in the blender and blended until the mixture came together. 

Then I the mixture into little balls (this time I made 15, normally I would make 12) and put them in the fridge to set hard.

You could vary the ingredients – try almonds instead of walnuts or try adding some coconut

WATER, WATER, WATER 2-3 Litres every single day… I will force it down if I need to.

Get at least seven hours of sleep every day, to prevent the production of stress hormone cortisol and decrease of leptin (body’s natural appetite suppressor) and an increase in ghrelin (body’s appetite stimulant).  It is therefore important to sleep about seven hours in order to help the fat burning process  🙂 I refer to a peer-reviewed paper published in which concluded:

Recent evidence suggests that sleep loss, a highly prevalent — and often strongly encouraged — condition in modern society could be a risk factor for major chronic diseases, including obesity and diabetes

(a nice refreshing sleep)

I will incorporate one tablespoon of potato starch in the morning, and another table spoon before I go to bed at night.  Not sure why, but I will because it is supposed to be good for the gut.  My gut seemed to bloat after I stopped smoking, and only l-glutamine helps it a little bit.  I will also post before and after photos (darn just remembered my camera is not working, nevertheless, I will find a way… somehow)

I will not be eating bread, simply because I feel like I am suffocating whenever I eat it, but if it agrees with you, I recommend it in moderation of your own caloric intake.   If I eat bread, I eat Purebred which is gluten-free.   Purebred is available from Coles (Australia) and is only about 100calories for two slices, and it has a decent amount of fibre.

An alternative to the breakfast is eggs.  Instead of the suggested above, I usually eat one egg with two egg whites on two pieces of purebred (1tblpsn of tomato sauce, and 1/2 tblspn of Dijon mayo).  I will have a coffee with a splash of almond milk in the morning.

(left: egg and egg-whites for breakfast)

However, I might just get rid of the bread altogether.  I do not want to go too low with the carbs though, as I do not want to go through the ‘keto-flu’ which I have not been able to get beyond and it makes me feel like I am dying anyway.  I did not like it one bit, no matter what the experts say, I need some carbs, and brown rice and quinoa atleast are good enough.

This is no expensive fancy diet.  It is just energy in versus energy out.  Find which exercise you like and do it.  I go to the gym and lift a couple of weights (about 5kg handweights), do some cardio, jog, walk, ride my bike for transport, sometimes a home dvd like zumba or tae-bo, HIIT etc…  I also practice dancing when I can (it’s like a folksy dance, so it is not high-cal burning, though I am going to start practicing more often, like every day if I can).

 (Exercising is fun, enjoyable, keeps you healthy, gives you energy, takes away the stress, makes you strong… why wouldn’t you do it…everyday?)

I start tomorrow with the potato starch, so I am going to try eating a smaller breakfast with only eggs (and  no carbs) maybe that’s what I need to get through the day on a 1200 calorie?  Also, I drink Nescafe Intense coffee in the morning, for the rest of the day I am going to have only green tea/herbal tea.  Before bed I will have a night herbal tea.

I found online a recipe which is meant to help aid sleep… it is: one tablespoon of coconut oil, with about 1/4 tspn of honey and 1/8 tspn of salt, and just eat it all at once and chase it with some water.  I tried it once, it was okay.  So, if I am still hungry before bed or am peckish or just plain can not sleep then I will give that a go, if it doesn’t work and I am still hungry then yoghurt before bed is a good idea, or even WATER, WATER, WATER.

I also take a multivitamin daily, sometimes a spirulina tablet, I take quite a few Evening Primrose Tablets (maybe overdosing on those sometimes, nevertheless), I also take Vitamin B12 tablet once in a while (apparently you cant overdose on those, you just pee the extra b12 out?)

Okay, I am just hoping I can do this.  I know it is going to be tough.  Sometimes it is easier to eat nothing or way less and have the high of starvation carry you through… but I know, for me anyway, I end up crashing and my body turns into a beast and starts rummaging for the extra vitamins and minerals it missed out on.  So, no, I will not be starving or eating junk all the time, this is a healthy 1200 calorie meal plan (though frickin it is going to be tough) with exercise.

3.27am: Feeling so fat.  [stay positive]/  I ate too much yesterday, and likely the day before.  It’s as though I can feel the weight gaining on my body.  So, I will get through today, I know this will be worth it.  I need to stick with it all the way to the end.  I will not change diets, I know this works, and I need to stick with it which is part of the reason for this blog: accountability.  I can do this.  I think the less I eat, the better at this stage.  I am sitting here and I do not need to eat, I am not hungry.  I need water, and water I will drink.   Right now I am feeling so impatient, I just want this weight off now.  Right now.  I need to be patient and trust the process, it is going to work.  I have never been able to keep under 1200 calories since I stopped smoking.  So, everyday is going to be such an achievement for me.  I just so hope I can make it until my goal, and not give in.  This will take about eight weeks if I stay under 1200 calories with daily exercise.  I just want to get to my goal and on that day post an awesome post about how great it feels to have achieved my goal within a specified time-frame (maximum of eight weeks).   I just want to get this over and done with, I don’t want another year to go by before I have managed to shed a couple more kilos.  I want to do it, I want to do it now.   I will reward myself along the way.

(left: goal; you can do it!)

Right now, I wish I was at about the two or three week mark, just so I can get away from where I am now… which is feeling absolutely fat and blugh from the last couple of days… so, I cant wait until it is May and I have been keeping under 1200 calories.  I so, hope this works.  I hope you, whoever you are reader, are also able to do this.  It’s not easy, I understand… I honestly do, but if I can do this (I realise it is a cliché) so too can you.  I am so bad at dieting.  I am such the worst, but I am going to work hard for this.  The effort is worth it, and then you need to maintain it.  So, once I get to my goal I will keep an update every so often, just to keep you motivated as well, and to also give you hope if you’re serious about looking and feeling your best at your ideal weight -whatever weight that is.  It’s about the healthy life, it’s about feeling your best, and looking your best aswell 🙂  Looking good for my own age is what I aim for.

This is going to be a challenge and awesome, so let’s crack the whip and get started!

What can I say?  I am impatient… here is my calorie log for today 12am to 4.56am


The calories do quickly add up.

The 1200 calorie diet can be done with exercise on an empty stomach first thing as this person’s blog shows…

8:30am: so I have been adding some motivational quotes.  I ate one tablespoon of potato starch when I got home. I felt a shrinking feeling in my gut… must be a good thing!  So, right now I am weighing up whether I ought to eat something or leave it until later.  I need to keep between 1000 – 1200 calories for the next eight weeks.  I might leave it, I am tired anyway.  I can always drink water and I might drink a herbal tea.  The calories add-up so quickly.  I might have a tomato… then BAM! That’s about 25 calories gone.  So, while I am restricting to 1200 calories every day, then I think it is best to just leave it if I am not feeling hungry enough.   Every moment counts.  Every second counts.

I am feeling restless, and it’s only day one.   Should I eat, or should I not?  I am beginning to feel a bit hungry, but I need to sleep.  I have not prepared or planned what I am going to eat today, though I have a general idea.  I do need to meal prep this week.  Today the goal is to just get through the day under 1200 calories.  I can do this!

Later: I ended-up eating one tablespoon of peanut butter and coconut oil with celery, and I slept really well.  I woke-up at about 9 or 10 hours later.  So, I must have needed the sleep because for the last couple of days I had not been sleeping well, which may have contributed to spike in calories.  However, today I was able to stay under 1200 calories… so KUDOS to moi!


NIKE says “JUST DO IT!”  swoosh!

Total foods and calories for Day 1 – Tuesday 19 April 2016   FIVE STAR EFFORT 🙂

Water: 8 cups, Evening Primrose Oil: 4, Women’s Multivitamin, 1 tblspn potato starch a.m., one tblspn potato starch p.m.,  sleep: amazingly about nine hours.

Exercise: rest day.


What an awesome day today.  I stayed between 1000 and 1200 calories.  This is an excellent effort by me!

I like brussel sprouts by the way.

I can not stomach pork (ham is okay), broad beans, or those fancy dishes like liver, tripe (whatever that is…gross) etc…



Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Usda Sr26 (2013) – Brussell Sprouts, 250 g (3.5 oz) 108 23g 1g 9g 0mg 63mg 6g 10g
Cheese, cheddar, 0.5 slice (1 oz) 57 0g 5g 3g 14mg 90mg 0g 0g
Rapidloss – Meal Replacement Shakes With 200ml Water, 300 ml 225 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Pear – Pear, 132.8 grams 77 21g 0g 1g 0mg 1mg 1g 4g
Bird’s Eye – Ocean Selections Frozen Whiting Fillets, 110 g 82 0g 0g 20g 0mg 84mg 0g 0g
Heinz – Tomato Sauce United Kingdom, 0.5 tbsp 9 2g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 2g 0g
Celery – Celery, 1.95 med stalk (40g) 12 2g 0g 0g 0mg 42mg 0g 1g
Peanut Butter: Skippy Chunky – Chunky Peanut Butter, 1 Tbsp (32g.) 95 4g 8g 4g 0mg 63mg 2g 1g
Coles Simply – Fibre Sprinkles, 7.5 g 15 1g 0g 1g 0mg 3mg 1g 5g
Australia Lindt Excellence – 70% Cocoa Dark Noir, 10 grams 52 3g 4g 1g 0mg 6mg 3g 0g
Egg – Egg, Boiled, 1 large egg (50 g) 70 0g 5g 6g 215mg 71mg 0g 0g
Egg Whites – Scrambled, 1.5 large Egg (33g) 26 0g 0g 5g 0mg 83mg 0g 0g
Rice – Brown, long-grain, cooked, 0.5 cup 108 22g 1g 3g 0mg 5mg 0g 2g
Heinz – Tomato Sauce United Kingdom, 0.5 tbsp 9 2g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 2g 0g
Jif – Whipped Peanut Butter, 0.5 table spoons 35 2g 3g 1g 0mg 24mg 1g 1g
Oil, coconut, 0.15 tbsp 18 0g 2g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Almond Breeze – Vanilla Almond Milk, 0.15 cup 12 2g 0g 0g 0mg 23mg 2g 0g
olives – Olives, 1.5 pieces 8 0g 1g 0g 0mg 99mg 0g 0g
Cheese, cheddar, 0.15 slice (1 oz) 17 0g 1g 1g 4mg 27mg 0g 0g
Iceburg – Lettuce, 0.5 cup shredded or chopped 1 2g 0g 1g 0mg 14mg 1g 1g
Almond Breeze – Vanilla Almond Milk, 0.15 cup 12 2g 0g 0g 0mg 23mg 2g 0g
Egg – Egg, Boiled, 0.5 large egg (50 g) 35 0g 2g 3g 108mg 36mg 0g 0g
Canada Beef – Strip Loin (Raw), 80 g 109 0g 4g 18g 39mg 47mg 0g 0g
TOTAL: 1,192 88g 37g 77g 380mg 804mg 23g 25g



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