Day 3 Thursday 21 April

I am doing the Atkins diet.

I am starting on Phase3 which means I can have about 40-50 net carbs each day.

According to Atkins, I only need to shed 3kilograms.  I will shed these 3 kilograms (to get to 56kilograms) then I will maintain it and see how I feel.  If I feel more needs to come off, then I will get the rest off.

I like this Atkins program though I have only started today.  I remember now this is how I managed to stay in-shape before.  Refined carbs make me feel horrible in my skin and about myself.  Though, they also give me that ‘high’ or relaxed feel, unfortunately after an hour or so I start feeling flumpy and lazy and my gut bloats, I feel quite depressed in that state.  I must be allergic to something, I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter, I am not going to analyse this too much.  I am doing the Atkins diet now, and hopefully for the rest of my life because I feel better without the stupid carbs!   And that’s final, that’s how it is for me right now.

So, today I just feel like I have eaten too much.  Too much fat.  I have cut the carbs, so, according to Atkins, I need the extra fat to use for energy.   Anyway, I am just going to trust this.  I wish it would work.  I don’t want to go through the carb-flu or the keto-flu.  I want to keep my energy levels stable, and that includes energy for my brain to use.

So, I will start.  I have eaten already today 49-50 net carbs and that is somewhere between 1500-1800 calories (recommended by the Atkins people because they argue a person can eat more on a high protein, high fat diet because it burns more efficiently than a high-carb low fat diet.  We will see).

I am not following the meal plan exactly because it would be too expensive for me.  So, I am just counting the net carbs.

ie: 19grams of total carbs – 6grams of fibre – 4 grams of alcohol sugars = 9 net carbs.

That’s the calculation used by the Atkins people to determine net carbs in food.

I am also including 1 tblspn of potato starch in the morning (total = 7 net carbs) and at night I will eat some gelatin (this is for my gut).

I am not hungry right now.  I bought some coke zero today.  That is something to have only once in a while. Though there are no net grams in the coke zero, it makes me feel like eating more food.

Here is what I ate today, so far:

(also include 1 sml tin of tuna, 2 tblspn of whipped cream (allowed in Atkins and is only about .2 net carbs.  Though it is important to keep this in moderation), about 15 grams of mozzarella cheese (=1 net carb).  If I get too hungry (though I do not want to eat any more for today.  I understand I can eat things like about 4oz (120grams?) of meat, or maybe even a tin of sardines, or some more tuna… I can even have some more coconut oil; each of which has 0 net carbs.  However, I worry about the calorie intake.  I only decided to start the Atkins diet this morning after breakfast.  Also I need to drink more water.  I can drink herbal tea for the rest of today.  Also, I bought some of that Konjac which has something like 1 gram of carbohydrate in it.  I could have that with tuna and a tspn of coconut oil if I get hungry.  Need to have meals prepared otherwise I just start grabbing the first food I can see which could be an Atkins bar and I do not have enough net carbs left for that.

For sure though, I feel fuller today on the same amount of calories than how I felt on a higher carb diet.





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