I start my 1200 calorie diet TODAY.  Today is 19 April 2016 1:12am.  Currently I weigh somewhere between 58-60kilograms.  I am not exactly sure how much I weigh because each scale I step on gives me a different reading.  I am about 5’2, in my mid-thirties so my goal is to get to about 50-52kilograms which is the weight I feel most comfortable at.  My fat percentage is about 34percent, which is massive even though I have been exercising nearly every day for the last two years.  I stopped smoking in 2013 (and before you say it, thank you, yes it was a massive effort, one which meant I gained about 15 kilograms, and I hated every moment of it).  It felt like I just blew-up without eating much more than I usually would.  I was eating all the usual healthy foods, however I might have been eating more carrots due to the habit of hand-to-mouth action which I no long have now.  My energy levels plummeted and I would be sitting in my room crying because I had no energy whatsoever to make to the gym, even walking to the front door was a mission.  It felt as though my body just stopped working properly and a whole pile of oxygenated fat just all of a sudden got stuck to my body.  It was horrible.  It truly was.  I am so glad it is over, and I was in so much pain and the cravings for nicotine were so incredibly intense… I will not put myself through that ever, not ever again.  I am glad I went through it but now it is over, it is finished.  Done.  The duty now is to get rid of this extra fat accumulated as a result, and it is proving tougher than what I initially thought.  In the past it was so easy to shed weight, to maintain it, so easy.  But now, I guess, also because I am older and my metabolism has likely slowed, I need to be a lot more careful about what I put into my mouth, and I need to work damn hard to get into my jeans.  My muscle mass is about 27 percent which is low, I want to get it to atleast about 30percent.  I want to atleast get my body fat percentage to under 30percent.  Actually 28/28 would be great?

ANYWAY, the point is I am sick of taking forever to shed weight, then gain it, then lose it, and extremely slowly losing weight.   I WISH and I WANT to get this weight off NOW.  I want to shed about one kilogram every week on a 1200 calorie diet with exercise (because I like, and I need to, exercise) every day – well, almost every day, maybe one rest day with a walk or something.

In this blog, I am going to do my best to follow a 1200 calorie a-day (strict) meal plan and see how I can shed this weight.  I will post all the tips and tricks I use to get through the day/s/week/s/month/s ahead.  I will try and remain as positive as I can, however I must make a note that diets are partial to making a person quite moody, or maybe I can prove myself wrong?   I will be hungry, I will crave, and I will post exactly what I eat every day and the exercise I do.

I hope you will find this blog useful for your own self.  I hope that by doing this for me, that I am also able to help you.

Anyway, whoever you are, and whatever date you are reading this, let’s get started.   I have never been able to stick with any diet for longer than a day or so, and shedding one kilogram in one week, and keeping it off for good, has been impossible for me.  I want to change that.  I want to show you, and prove to myself, that I can do it.  It is possible, even if you think it might not be.

I am following a 1200calorie meal plan which I found online (and it looks similar to a nutritionist’s plan I received a few years ago).  I recommend you heck with your doctor, or see a nutritionist to find your own ideal caloric intake for your own height and weight and age.  There are tools online you can use, such as https://authoritynutrition.com/how-many-calories-per-day/  or http://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html to get you started.

So, day one starts now.  I can do this.  I will do this.  I am doing this.

All it takes is a bit of self-love…you might not like it, you might think it is too ‘hippyish’ to love yourself, however, you need to  love yourself to shed weight because it is something you do to empower yourself, for yourself.  So, you need all the self-love you can get in order to get through the tough times… and there will be tough times…





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