Things to do when you are craving/hungry/bored etc..

1. drink green tea every day to increase metabolism and level blood-sugars

2. Prepare meals on a plate and sit down and eat with a knife and fork, or a spoon, or chopsticks (if you’re feeling like a bit culture), and always start the meal with a glass of water. 🙂

3. Just hold-off on the food until at least three hours have passed.  Just do anything, like get out and go for a walk.  Just do it.  Run an errand, just go… get out of the house, or wherever you are and get some fresh air.

4. Drink water

5. post something on this blog

Kate Winslet, Annie Leibovitz:




7. read

My favorite pastime at the beach...if I can get through one paragraph in between handing out drinks and snacks and chasing after little ones!:

Read.  Or even take a book (or Kobo or Kindle) to the beach and immerse yourself in a good read.  Broaden your horizons 🙂


8. Exercise

9. play, be an idiot…

10. DANCE!

11. go for a run

12. listen to some music 🙂

Everything I'm looking forward to this weekend:

Go buy the newspaper and read it!

30 Self-Help Books That Permanently Changed My Life | TIME. Visit http://www.counselinginsite.com/about.html for more Inspiration from Counseling Insite. Knowledge is Power:

Meditate for a few minutes.  Focus on your breathing… in and out.. in and out…