OKAY, so rewarding hard work and good behaviour is good.  Here I will list a few non-food related goals (on a budget) for getting through ONE whole day, every single day, under 1200 calories… If I go over, I hope not, then I will just get back on track the following day.  No stupid high protein, high fat, no carb whatever, I just want to get off this weight sensibly and quicker than what I have been doing…

  1. iTunes song (buy online)
  2. watch a dvd
  3. go to the movies (I want to watch -among others- Whisky Tango Foxtrot)
  4. walk to the park
  5. self-manicure
  6. self-pedicure
  7. home-made masque – look online for a recipe
  8. hair-cut
  9. some time at the beach – a walk along the sand getting your feet wet in the ocean’s waves this winter [or any season]…bliss…:-) ahhhhh….
  10.  :  (photo source: Stocksy United)
  11. A sticker or some kind of smiley face 🙂  (make a chart on this blog)
  12. …to be continued…