The Plan: Atkins


I am  now doing the Atkins.  The 1200 calorie diet just left me feeling like I was hungry and craving food.

Phase 3: 40-50grams net carbs

Phase 4 (maintain): 60-7o net carbs

19 grams carbs – 9 grams FIBER – 4 grams ALCOHOL SUGARS = 6 NET GRAMS CARBS

Here are a couple of quick links for the Atkins diet

Atkins induction overview

Atkins net carb counter pdf

Atkins online net carb counter


The following is just a generalized visual guide to what I will be eating every day for the next eight weeks.  This along w

With daily exercise which I will log in posts on the front page of this site. 🙂

healthyequalshappy: I really can never remember these. I need to make a portable copy of this lol :] Absolutely need to print this out and keep it with me.

(Below: there is no way to confirm a Victoria Secret Angel eats what the lady in the video says they do, unless she has actually asked them.  Nevertheless, the 1200 calorie food plan she has prepared is pretty good.  Such as 150gms of silken tofu, 150gm mixed berries, 50ml of water zapped together in a blender, chill in the fridge…and voila!  A berry-luscious dessert! For approx. 140calories!  Also, 40gms of oatmeal, egg, 1/2 banana, 1/4tspn of cinnamon/vanilla essence, 200mls of water.  Step one: Cook oatmeal with water. Mix mashed banana then add to oatmeal, add mashed egg to oatmeal. Top with berries 280 calories.  Can add 1/2 tspn of baking powder and cook to make pancakes.  Drink Green tea 🙂

This is also another healthy 1200 calorie plan.  (Looking at these plans, it just does not look like much food at all.  It’s like nibble foods… like you don’t ever get to sit down and eat a proper healthy hearty meal: like meat with 3 veg and a serve of brown rice drizzled with olive oil.  And portion sizes enough to fill you up.  It just all looks so controlled.  Wow jeez, I need to really seriously control this for the next eight weeks, then I can slowly increase to about 1500 -1600 calories (approx.) to maintain my figure.  Q: Should I eat more if I exercise?  Or should I just keep to the 1200 calorie plan with exercise?  I think the latter is better, I just wont be doing four hours of exercise every day, like I was nearly doing before when I was eating more.